Personalised Engraved Chopping Boards – Just for you

Designed for you, made for you, engraved for you

A personalised engraved chopping board, with your own unique message makes a very special gift for friends and family. As well as having the edges of the chopping board engraved it is now possible to further personalise the board by adding a “secret” hidden message on the underside.

Personalised round chopping board, size 30 dia x 2.7cm, font Times New Roman, optional golf ball & tees 3D motif
Personalised round chopping board
Size 30 dia x 2.7cm
Font Times New Roman
Optional golf ball & tees 3D motif

Our hand made wooden chopping boards are unlike most other mass produced or hand made chopping boards on the market. This is down to the fact that our wooden chopping boards are hand crafted in the UK from some the most beautiful and sought after timber in the world – finest grade Oak sourced from within England and Europe. Our timber is not sourced and transported from thousands of miles away due to the impact this would have on the environment.

You can add additional personalised features to the wooden chopping boards, such as useful grooves for catching juices or crumbs, or recessed handles. You can also choose to have a 2D motif, a 3D motif or a personalised cipher. We can also engrave a secret or personal message for you on the underside of your board thereby making your chopping board even more special. This message can be a favourite poem or quotation, a reading from your wedding day, a favourite recipe, something humorous, or just something secret not to be shared with others!

Personalised oak bread board
Personalised oak bread board
Size 38 x 2.7cm
Font Bookman Old Style
Optional corporate logo

Our wooden chopping boards are available blank, but why would you want that with such an array of engraving available to you? Personalise the chopping boards with your choice of words or lettering on the face and edges in a variety of fonts. Perfect for family names, special dates or even a favourite quote. If you really are lost for words here are a few suggestions.

As all but a few of our oak chopping boards are engraved with one or more of the personalised options mentioned above, on this page you have the opportunity to see some of the designs other customers have requested. The idea being that you may be inspired by others, but the engraved chopping board we craft for you is an original designed to your specification. Engraved for you, and only you.

Personalised oak chopping board, size 30x45x4cm, font Times New Roman
Personalised oak chopping board
Size 30x45x4cm, font Times New Roman
Includes Running track 2D outline motif

We put a great deal of time, care and attention into every chopping board we make, and are committed to being one of the best wooden chopping board manufacturers. Each board is carefully constructed from full length staves of finest A grade oak, except the smallest boards which are made from a single piece of timber, and are available in a variety of sizes. Repeatedly hand sanded and finished with many coats of a child safe mineral oil, The Oak Chopping Board Co’s personalised wooden chopping boards are simply stunning!

Personalised engraved oak chopping board/trophy
Personalised engraved oak chopping board/trophy
Includes 3D wheat sheaf motif

The possibilities and range of personalised options makes the engraved chopping boards extremely popular for engagement presents, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts (5th Anniversary is “wood”), birthday presents, Christmas presents and other special occasions.

If you have any questions about our personalisation service please do not hesitate to contact us.

Engraved oak cheese board, sixe 30x30x4cm, font Art Script
Engraved oak cheese board
Size 30x30x4cm, font Art Script
Includes 50 2D outline motif