Engraved Wooden Bread Board Trophy Complete With Stand

Engraved wooden bread board tropyn
Engraved wooden bread board tropy,
complete with wooden base

This is a bread board with a difference and came about following a request from a customer to turn one of our beautiful wooden boards into a trophy.  The trophy or bread board (we’re not sure what we should call it!) will be awarded annually to a member of the Farmers’ Club for their wheat growing efforts.  As we are not experts in wheat, it is unclear to us the criteria that will determine the winner!

3D Wheat sheaf carved into the bread board/trophy
3D Wheat sheaf carved into the bread board/trophy

Our customer had taken an extensive look around our website at the fonts, 2D and 3D motifs, as well as the various ways in which we can lay out text, and by the time he contacted us had a very good idea of what he wanted to achieve.

The main trophy is based on our 38 x 2.7cm circular bread board with the addition of two concentric rings of engraved text in font Times New Roman.  The stand-out (it doesn’t actually stand out – it’s concave!), centrepiece is the large 3D wheat sheaf motif which measures 12cm in diameter.  This took many hours to create, and is one of the largest we have engraved.

A stand was required in order that the trophy could be placed on a surface and be free-standing.  Additionally, a “keyhole” recessed wall fixing was set into the back for those winners who would like to hang the award on the wall.

Next came the stand.  This elliptical design was created from scratch.  We first created a paper template for what we thought was the right size – we wanted it to be weighty enough to support the trophy but not too chunky to detract from it.  We then created a plywood template – we always use plywood when creating new designs as an error in ply is much less costly than an error in oak.  A few tweaks here and there including adjusting the recess to accommodate the trophy, we transferred the ply template to the beautiful prime European oak.   After carefully cutting and routering the base, it was time to mark and drill the holes to accept the 1/2″ dowel supports.

Engraved wooden bread board trophy base
Engraved wooden bread board trophy base
Engraved wooden bread board trophy
Engraved wooden bread board trophy












After initial sanding with 120 and 180 grit, the dowels were cut to length and glued in the holes. We normally treat our bread boards, as we do all our boards, with a number of applications of anti-bacterial oil. As this board will never be used for food, both the trophy and base received multiple applications of a child-safe, water and heat-resistant finishing oil. Between coats all parts were gently rubbed with 1200 grit paper. The result is a near polished finish that should last for years and put a smile on the face of the winning farmer for years to come.

The customer is extremely happy with the result (as are we); below is an excerpt from an email just received:

The Bread Board and plinth arrived safely yesterday. I am just delighted with it – in fact it is better than I imagined.

The oval plinth was a great idea and brings an elegant symmetry to the two pieces- the plinth now looks part of the trophy and not just a necessary base.

The Bread Board is outstanding and the sponsors are very happy and look forward to presenting it on the 13th November. They wanted a trophy that stands out, has a wheat connection and emblem, is rural, has a unique design, is well crafted and attracts the competitors – you have amply fulfilled all these criteria.

You have also kept me informed and adhered to your promised delivery schedule and so on -no stress for me!”

If you have a requirement for something that is a little out of the ordinary, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or on 01903 650540 as we would be more than happy to help you reaslise your ideas.

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