Board care; the start of a new finish

Personalised wooden bread board

A New High Quality, Low Maintenance Finish For Our Wooden Boards

Water beads on oak treated with OSMO TopOil
Water beads on oak chopping board treated with OSMO TopOil

Whether it be their design, the raw materials or the finish, we constantly strive for ways to improve our products. For the past 5 years we have comprehensively treated all our wooden boards and lazy susans with white mineral oil, and have been mindful that such a finish requires regular maintenance and care.

In a hectic world, we are all busy and likely to rarely have time to take the necessary care, which may lead to the board’s finish suffering degradation.

A highly tactile finish

We have tested a number of different products, all alleging to provide the ultimate protection to timber, and have finally settled on OSMO® TopOil. TopOil (or Polyx-oil to give it its other name) is a blend of organic plant oils and waxes providing a natural finish to the board. The finish is 100% food-safe, conforming to EN-1186, and provides resistance to household substances such as alcohol, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water.


Any liquid spillages will bead on the surface without leaving any marks, although such spillages should be wiped away with a cloth. The finish helps protect against bacteria, inhibits the ingress of moisture which could result in cracking, as well as providing a smooth, tactile surface.

The result is that our boards require infrequent oiling. Their resistance to staining is greatly improved as the waxes provide a micro-porous surface, so liquids are more inclined to sit on the timber than soak in. And as the waxes fill many of the tiny spaces in the grain, the wood surface absorbs less light giving the board a slightly paler appearance.

Wooden chopping board care kits

Chopping Board Care Kits
Chopping Board Care Kits

As your board is already finished with OSMO® TopOil we recommend retreating it with the same product, which can be purchased from us or timber specialist. Alternatively, single-use Chopping Board Care Kits may be purchased from us and include all you need to refinish your board. More information on wooden board care can be found here.

Why we chose OSMO

From high quality, beautiful decking, to top of the range wood finishes, Osmo is the wood product specialist. Because the Osmo range is not produced for the mass market (the same as all our hand made boards), more time can be spent on ensuring all the products are of the best quality. The Osmo team have an ecyclopaedic knowledge of their finishes all of which are produced in Germany – the home of perfection. Osmo UK aims to be as environmentally friendly and ecologically sound as possible and this is reflected in the raw materials and manufacturing of its products.

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