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Beautiful, practical wooden carving board with spikes

Over the years, we have been asked if we make a carving board with spikes – spikes that will hold the roast securely on the board during carving. The answer has always been “no” as despite extensive research we have not been able to source spikes of the appropriate design and quality. A seemingly popular, […]

Delivery… on time

Well, we have managed to catch up on outstanding orders, so after a slight wobble with our delivery schedules we are back to our usually delivery time of approximately 7 to 10 days.  Because it is just the two of us (John & Diana), when we have higher than expected order levels we struggle to […]

Wedding gifts

Well, the “Wedding Season” is very much underway, so we are increasingly busy making customers’ wedding gifts. Our lead times are still in the range of 7-10 days, although we can deliver quicker if the need arises. We are happy to discuss your delivery requirements and will prioritise orders accordingly. Don’t forget, we are real […]