Lost for Words?

Special hidden message underneath chopping boardIf you are lost for words or simply uncertain about what to have engraved on your personalised board, below are some suggestions for quotations and ideas for engraving.

There is no obligation to use any of these so please feel free to come up with something original!

Generally engraving is either on the vertcial edges of the board or the face of the board although we can provide a combination of both if desired. We also offer the option of having a special “secret” personalised message on the underneath of the board. This can take the form of a poem, saying, or something humorous or heart-felt of your own.

As well as the suggestions below, we have found latitude and longitude of a special location to be popular.  You can find the co-ordinates by visiting iTouchMap.com, or just provide us with the address or location details and we will do the rest.


  • Happy 40th Birthday
  • Well matured!
  • Well matured since 01.01.1970! (date of birth)

Wedding or Anniversary

  • Anna & Alan (bride and groom’s first names)
  • Mr & Mrs Smith (the couple’s surname)
  • 1st June 2014 (wedding date)
  • Paris ~ 1st June 2014 (wedding location and date)
  • Anna & Alan ~ 01.06.2014
  • Silver Wedding ~ 1st June 2014
  • On our 5th Wedding Anniversary – 1st June 2014
  • Seasoned with love …
  • Today Tomorrow Forever

New Home

  • Rose Cottage (house name)
  • Rose Cottage ~ 1 June 2014

General Quotations

  • Sing… Love… Dance…
  • Live, Love, Laugh & Eat Cheese!
  • Love is friendship set to music
  • Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon
  • Live young, laugh often, love always
  • Good friends are like good wine – they improve with age!
  • If I’d had the time…I’d have made this myself
  • The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness ~ Victor Hugo