Personalised Bespoke Wooden Chopping Boards

Your hand crafted oak board can be personalised with engraving in a number of ways, perfect for those extra special occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries (5th wedding anniversary is wood), birthdays, new home, retirement and Christmas.

Personalisation options vary depending on the chopping board selected, and options are shown on each product page to assist you when ordering.

Full-Length Stave Prime Oak Boards

Round engraved oak cheese board, size 30cm diameter x 4cm, font Bookman Old StyleAll our wooden boards are made from full-length stave prime English or European oak. Our smallest boards are usually made from a single stave, whilst all other boards are made from between 3 and 5 pieces of timber, butt-jointed and glued together.

Benefits of stave oak boards:

  • Optimum performance in strength & stability
  • Minimises the risk of warping and cracking
  • Provides a good variety of grain pattern
  • Good colour consistency

The example shown right provides a good representation of the timber but please remember that grain pattern and colour will differ in every bespoke chopping board that we make. Further examples of the timber used can be found on the individual product pages throughout the website with further explanations available here.

A Wide Range of Fonts to choose from…

We offer a range of fonts, a sample of which is shown below. Most fonts can be standard or italicised as well as capitals or mixed case.

1.Copperplate Gothic Light and Engravers MT are available in uppercase only
2.Engravers MT and Bell MT are interchangeable. If you select Engravers MT and the length of your inscription requires us to make the characters small, we will change the font to Bell MT. This is because Engravers MT does not work well in small characters.

If you require a specific font or would like assistance just contact us.

Engraved Positions

The size and shape of your chosen board will determine where it can be engraved, and the options available when ordering will reflect this.  If you would like a combination of engraving for which there is no option please contact us – we can usually do it, but it may have been omitted for the sake of simiplicity for the majority of customers’ needs.

We are happy to advise what we feel will work best for your overall design based on our extensive experience of making and engraving these wooden chopping boards.

Please note, we always send a proof of your design by email before committing anything to wood.  Please look out for this within 24 hours of placing your order.

In summary, the following engraved positions are available:

  • Square and rectangular chopping, cheese, carving and bread boards – edges, face and underneath.
  • Circular chopping, cheese, carving and bread boards – face and underneath.
  • Square and rectangular paddle serving boards – edges, face and underneath.
  • Circular paddle serving boards – face and underneath.
  • Rustic serving boards – long edges only.
  • Wine racks – front edge only.

Please note that edge engraving is currently not available on circular boards.

As mentioned above, if none of the above layouts precisely fits your requirements please contact us.

Draining/crumb groove

A draining or crumb groove may be added to all boards except those measuring 20x20cm. However, we recommend that a groove only be added to boards sized 25x35cm and above or, for round boards, 30cm diameter and above.

Boards measuring 30x40cm or 30x45cm can be customised to form a dedicated carving board with the addition of an extra deep draining groove, a well to capture excess juices, and a spout to aid pouring.

Recessed handles

These handles, one at each end of the board, make it easier to pick up the board, especially the larger ones which can weigh between 3 and 4 Kgs

Recessed handle
Handle size is approx 10cm (w) x 1.5cm (h) x 5cm (d).

2D Motifs

Click here to view examples of 2D motif carvings for your personalised wooden chopping board.

Please note, we have an extensive library of images – too many to display on this web page. If you require a particular design please let us know.

3D Motifs

If you are seeking a design that sets your board apart from almost any other board, please take a look at our range of stunning 3D carvings. Click here for more details and examples.

Personalised ciphers

We can design your own personalised cipher to engrave on your wooden chopping board. The cipher consists of interwoven characters to for a unique monogram. Click here for more details and examples.